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Pouch Form Fill and Seal Machine

M-11 Model is fully automatic

Side filling and vertical sealing machine for liquid and semi liquid products utilizing polyethylene sleeves.
A roll of polyethylene sleeves is installed on the rear of the machine. The sleeves are open on one side for side filling and vertical sealing.
The machine features an adjustable vacuum, volumetric dozer allowing the product to pump directly from the tank into the filling machine.
  • Model M-11

  • automatic control PLC with touch panel

  • production rate: 1000-1200 units/h

  • Volume of Pouches: 200-1000 ml

  • Type of packaging: Polyethylene film

  • Data printing: Ink printer

  • Electricity: 220V,60 HZ

  • Compressed Air: 8 atm (120 psi)

Pouch Form Fill and Seal Machine
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