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Tessa Dairy Machinery offers a wide range of Batch Pasteurizers designed for the safe and efficient pasteurization of dairy products. With a wide range of available capacities, it is suitable for small-scale and artisan producers. To ensure the highest standard of quality, Tessa Dairy Machinery's batch pasteurizers are built with precision engineering to maintain product integrity and safety.

Check below what will be suitable for your needs, or contact us for any additional information. 


Batch Pasteurization

Prices start from 18,000$ for Non-US Unit

Required only in the US Market


  • To meet the PMO and Standard for Batch Pasteurizer, the VAT must have an additional Two-Channel temperature recorder and an indication thermometer for product and airspace. 


  • Anderson Dual Pen chart recorder

  • Air space sensor

  • Product sensor

  • Electrical Air Space Heating Element.

  • Water Temperature digital indicator

  • Touch Panel controller

  • Heating Elements/Boiler controller

  • Speed Regulator

  • Emergency Switch

milk machine

Batch Pasteurizer 

The batch Pasteurizer is excellent for small-scale creameries and milk processors that wish to produce Pasteurized Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, and almost any product available. Pasteurization and fermentation can take place in the same unit.


Batch Pasteurizer types:

The most common unit type is a two-cover open-top. It is great for cheese makers, yogurt makers, and unique products. It has easy access and simple operation. The removable agitator feature allows you to have a clear and open tank to add ingredients, check consistency, and remove curd once ready. 

Close-top/side-top tanks are mainly used for pasteurization or fermentation. Access is through a maintenance hole or a side cover attached to the tank with axles. In terms of efficiency, heat transfer, control panels, and temperature controllers, everything is the same.

The batch Pasteurizer is available in 80 gallons (300L) to 500 gallons (2000L).


Each unit has the following features:

  • Stainless steel control panel

  • 7.5inch Touch Screen

  • Product Digital sensor

  • Water digital sensor 

  • Speed invertor. 

Heating Source: To pasteurize, a heating source must heat the water running through the jacketed tank.


We offer two options:

 A. Electrical Heating Elements: It does not require an additional unit such as a boiler, but to get a reasonable pasteurization time of around an hour, there is a need for at least 4 7.5kw—9kw heating elements. This means at least 30kw, which can be too much for certain people or rural locations.


B. Hot-water Boiler: It requires additional cost but is the perfect heating partner for a Batch Pasteurizer. 

It is quick and efficient and works on either gas or diesel. It reaches the desired temperature in minutes and is fully automatic when starting and stopping. 

We can provide both solutions.

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