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In the milk processing sector there are two types of Milk Pasteurizers:


Increase production while reducing energy costs 
HTST Milk Pasteurizer

Technical Information:​

  • Recorder - Anderson 9000 series

  • Heat-exchanger pressure sensors

  • Booster pump 

  • Diversion valve

  • Safety valve

  • 87% regeneration efficacy (meaning using 87% of the energy for production for the milk itself)   

  • 10inch Touchscreen panel 

  • Automatic CIP

  • Temperature holding time: 15sec

  • Approved balance tank

  • Automatic level sensor

3A standard

HTST Pasteurizer/On-Line

Enhance and accelerate your dairy production with Tessa Dairy Machinery's HTST Pasteurizer. This state-of-the-art system not only optimizes efficiency but significantly increases your production rate. Ideal for ensuring high-quality, safe milk processing, it's an essential solution for producers aiming to boost capacity while maintaining the best product standards.

Our HTST Pasteurizers are designed and manufactured according to the strict PMO regulation.

Tessa's team is always on-site for a smooth and quick final seal in each inspector's review.

Even with the PMO regulations each pasteurizer can have additional features uniquely added for the product needed. 

HTST Milk Pasteurizer
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