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Batch Pasteurizers and HTST Pasteurizers 

In the milk processing sector there are two types of Milk Pasteurizers:












batch pasteurizer

               Batch Pasteurizer 

Online Pasteurizer

HTST Pasteurizer/On-Line

The batch Pasteurizer is excellent for small scale dairies such Boutique or Artesian that wish to produce Pasteurized Milk ,Cheese, Yogurt .Pasteurization and fermentation takes place in the same tank and creates a very comfortable and effective unit. the Batch Pasteurizer comes  in 300-1000L sizes and other equipment such as Cream Separator and Homogenizer can be connected as well.

The HTST Pasteurizer is an Online unit, the production rate starts from 500L/H.

The operator is able to adjust any pasteurization temperature and any milk output temperature. for example if pasteurized milk is the final product, pasteurization can be 75˚-90˚C and the milk outlet will be 4˚C. The biggest advantage of the HTST Pasteurizer is the energy saving by using a Heat-Exchanger.

 Each Milk pasteurizer type is suitable for a different purpose and daily capacity.

batch pasteurizer
HTST Milk pasteurizer

For our UK  and Ireland clients: if you wish to start pasteurizing milk and sell through vending machines, the batch pasteurizer is a prefect way to start by having the ability to produce other products as well. The real profit in the Milk sector is fermented products and fat for example yogurt and cream. 

Do not forget we can provide a complete system as well including our own packaging machinery, vats, fermentation tanks and more. 

Contact us and we will connected you with the local agent. 

We are responsible for shipping, installation and after sales service.


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